There are seven Xplore Stirling trails covering the Stirling city area.
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Gowan Hill
This 10 hectare park lies on the slopes below Stirling Castle and is crossed by a series of public paths. The Gowan Hill is rich with local and national history. On your visit you’ll wander through the remains of an iron age fort, see a ghoulish stone executioner’s block and stand where the forces of Oliver Cromwell and Bonnie Prince Charlie launched attacks on the castle. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect are the remarkable views from the top, including the view the English commanders at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. This heritage trail includes a 10 stop audio-tour.
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Plean Country Park
This 220 acre park is situated in the ex-mining village of Plean, seven miles south east of Stirling. It is an area steeped in history from its origins as a country estate to an area where top quality sandstone was quarried and coal was mined. It is a great place to visit whether it is for dog walking, horse riding, visiting the children’s play area, cycling, pond dipping, enjoying a picnic or just to enjoy a walk in mature woodlands. This heritage trail includes an audio-tour.
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King’s Park
The Kings Park is one of Stirling’s best used recreation areas with a skate/bike area; toddlers sand and water fun; tennis courts and climbing frame and slides. Historically the park was used as the hunting ground for the Royal Court at Stirling and now provides the opportunity to explore the footpaths round the golf course with views of the castle.

Wood Carvings
Stirling’s Back Walk is the “oldest publicly maintained road in Scotland”, a pathway which runs alongside the medieval Town Walls to Stirling Castle towards Gown Hill. The slopes of the Back Walk are covered in trees and the area is managed by Stirling Council. In 2009, wood carver Tommy Craggs created the first piece of art on the Back Walk from a felled Beech tree; more carvings were added in 2015. In addition to the carvings, there are several stunning viewpoints out over the Carse of Stirling and the northerly views towards the Trossachs.
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