Plean Country Park

Plean Country Park 1This Trail sits within Plean Country Park, an area of publicly accessible woodland, wilderness and parkland covering about 220 acres. The park is situated in the ex mining village of Plean, located 7 miles to the south east of Stirling.

It is an area steeped in history from its origins as a country estate to an area where top quality sandstone was quarried and coal was mined all of which provided local employment. It is a great place to visit whether it is for dog walking, horse riding, visiting the children’s play area, cycling, pond dipping, enjoying a picnic or just to enjoy a walk in mature woodlands.

The Friends of Plean Country Park assist Stirling Council and the Ranger Service in variety of ways to improve the historical, architectural and natural landscape of the area. Our group received grant funding from Heritage Lottery, Stories Stones and Bones to carry out our current project to create a heritage trail in the park. Over the years much of the landscape has changed and with the closure of the coalmines many features are now lost and forgotten. It is important that we document this heritage before it is gone forever.

Plean CP Leaflet 2018

Plean Country Park – Audio Trail